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Fujitsu K Computer Tops the Latest Top 500
Posted on 20-6-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags:

The latest Top 500 supercomputer list was released during the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) 2011. The Fujitsu K computer, with 8.162 Petaflops LINPACK performance, officially tops the list. A video of interview with Hans Meuer and Jack Dongarra on the latest Top500 list is available at insidehpc.

Emerging Applications from the UC Berkeley Par Lab
Posted on 6-6-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: application, architecture

This is the keynote given by David Patterson in the Workshop on Emerging Applications and Many-Core Architecture (EAMA) 2011, co-located with ISCA 2011. The slides are available here.

An Interview with Leslie Valiant, Laureate of Turing Award 2010
Posted on 1-6-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: architecture, algorithms, neural network

Beauty and elegance, an interview with Leslie Valiant, in Communications of ACM June 2010. He is awarded due to his contributions in multiple areas, including parallel computing and artificial intelligence.

Embedded Vision Alliance (EVA)
Posted on 1-6-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: GPU, FPGA, architecture, vision

Embedded Vision Alliance (EVA) is recently introducing its web portal at

Saliency and Visual Attention Algorithms and Implementations
Posted on 31-5-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: vision, neural network

A few major approaches for saliency and visual attention. Feel free to add more.

Recent hardware implementations:

Recent Vision and Graphics Processors From KAIST
Posted on 31-5-2011 by Gert-Jan van den Braak Tags: architecture, vision, neural network

Here is a growing list of papers on vision and graphics processors from KAIST in recent years. Feel free to add more to this list!

Visual attention and object recognition processor (first author Kwanho Kim):

Visual attention and object recognition processor (first author Joo-Young Kim):

Graphcis processor:

Processor for unified visual attention model (UVAM):

Memory system design:

Unified vision and graphics architecture for augmented reality:

ISCA 2011
Posted on 26-5-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: architecture

Below is a list of papers (feel free to add more) that might be interesting to the members of the group. All of them are of high quality.

Slides exascale symposium online
Posted on 18-5-2011 by Cedric Nugteren Tags: GPU, symposium

The slides for the “Challenges Towards Exascale Computing”, held on the 16th of May in Ghent, are now available through their website.

Although quite general, the slides do feature some nice graphs/diagrams, especially those of NVIDIA, Intel, ARM and Berkeley.