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Remote Sensing Processing on GPUs
Posted on 5-9-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: GPU, vision

There is a recent paper on using GPUs for remote sensing processing, titled Remote Sensing Processing: From Multicore to GPU. It is using the open-source Orfeo Toolbox (OTB). A GPU implementation of the OTB is also available.

GPU mini-supercomputer starter kit
Posted on 30-8-2011 by Cedric Nugteren Tags: GPU, CUDA, supercomputing

In the CUDA newsletter, there was a small announcement about a pre-build GPU mini-supercomputer. It contains 24 GPUs, a little more than our system with ‘only’ 16 GPUs:

The new GPU Starter Kit from HP is a pre-configured system that provides researchers with a ready-to-use GPU computing cluster, straight out of the box. It combines eight HP ProLiant SL390 G7 servers (containing 24 Tesla M2070 GPUs) with 16 CPUs. It is pre-configured with CUDA 4.0.

More information can be found here.

Skeleton programming at ParCo 2011 in Ghent
Posted on 24-8-2011 by Cedric Nugteren Tags: GPU, conference, algorithmic skeletons

In the upcoming ParCo 2011 conference in Ghent, there will be a special session on skeleton programming (scroll down to the bottom – session B11).

It includes two interesting presentations related to GPUs:

  • “Flexible runtime support for efficient skeleton programming on hybrid systems”, which is part of the SkePU skeleton library.
  • “Data Parallel Skeletons for GPU Clusters and Multi-GPU Systems”, which is an extension of the Munster skeleton library Muesli.
SnuCL: An OpenCL Framework and Unified Programming Model for Heterogeneous CPU/GPU Clusters
Posted on 22-7-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: GPU, tool, compiler, OpenCL

SnuCL, developed in Seoul National University, has made part of its source code public. It relies on the SNU-Samsung OpenCL compiler, which is delivered only in binary format. It will hold a tutorial in PACT 2011.

Note: It may take 10 minutes to download the package. The download speed is limited to 200KB/sec. The package size is 116MB.

Proceedings of HPCA 2011 and ISPASS 2011
Posted on 21-7-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: GPU, architecture, conference

The proceeding of International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA) 2011 is available. Two interesting papers are related to the GPUs.

The proceeding of International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS) 2011 is available. Some papers are related to our research.

Multi2Sim: A CPU-GPU Model for Heterogeneous Computing
Posted on 14-7-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags: GPU, simulator, OpenCL

Multi2Sim has recently released a GPU simulator for AMD GPUs, capable of simulating OpenCL programs. It will hold a tutorial in PACT 2011.

Intel SPMD Program Compiler
Posted on 28-6-2011 by Gert-Jan van den Braak Tags: compiler

Intel has announced ispc, the Intel SPMD Program Compiler. ispc is a new compiler for “single program, multiple data” (SPMD) programs. Under the SPMD model, the programmer writes a program that mostly appears to be a regular serial program, though the execution model is actually that a number of program instances execute in parallel.

The ispc compiler is based on the LLVM compiler and can be downloaded from

Judging by the example on their website, it looks a bit like CUDA, so it wouldn’t be too hard to get started with if you are familiar to GPU programming.

Posted on 20-6-2011 by Zhenyu Ye Tags:

IBM100, a web site to celebrate the centennial of IBM. They have compiled an essay, a book, and several other things for this special moment.