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Welcome to the website of the parallel architecture research team. The PARsE team is a subdivision of the Electronic Systems group, part of the Electrical Engineering departement at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in The Netherlands.

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This website contains information on previous, current and future research, education and events. We update the research log periodically with new posts concerning the latest updates in research, discussing articles published at journals and conferences from among others ACM and IEEE. You will find the following sections on the website:
Latest research log entries

IEEE TC Editor's Pick 2016

On the last day of 2016 we are happy to announce that our paper Configurable XOR Hash Functions for Banked Scratchpad Memories in GPUs has been selected as one of the four editor’s picks of the IEEE Transactions of Computers of 2016.

The other three editor’s picks are:
Memory Bandwidth Management for Efficient Performance Isolation in Multi-Core Platforms by Heechul Yun,
Gang Yao, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Marco Caccamo and Lui Sha
Optimised Multiplication Architectures for Accelerating Fully Homomorphic Encryption by Xiaolin Cao, Ciara
Moore, Maire O’Neill, Elizabeth O’Sullivan and Neil Hanley
A New Design of In-Memory File System Based on File Virtual Address Framework by Edwin H.-M. Sha, Xianz-hang Chen, Qingfeng Zhuge, Liang Shi and Weiwen Jiang

IEEE TC July 2016 Spotlight Paper

IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC) has selected our paper Configurable XOR Hash Functions for Banked Scratchpad Memories in GPUs as the July 2016 Spotlight Paper. This month you can download the article for free from the IEEE TC website.

We also made a short video presentation which can be watched on YouTube (English). The video presentation is also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Microserver has landed

The first microserver from IBM/Astron has arrived at the TU/e. We have started benchmarking the microserver. Next, we plan to update our Bones source-to-source compiler and add the microserver as a target in the coming weeks.

More news on the microserver: IBM and ASTRON provide microserver prototypes to three Dutch partners, Nieuwe microserver van ASTRON kan Noord-Nederland honderden banen opleveren (in Dutch) and Data niet meer naar computer, maar computer naar de data (in Dutch).

test setup: microserver in a box

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